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It’s this flow that we’d like to reconnect with to return to a simple and abundant way of life and to restore fluidity and abundance on a planetary scale. By bringing (back) more fluidity and flow into your lives and in the world, we want to pave the way for you to gain access to a more harmonious way of living and to more happiness and more well-being as a consequence.

Our hope is that this newfound well-being will motivate you to play your part in life and help catalyse a planetary movement that will bring us the world of abundance and harmony that we all wish to see emerge.


Anaïs Theyskens

president & traveller

Weaving together dreams and inspiration, creating sparks and connections between our inner realms and outer perceptions, connecting body, spirit and soul. The dominant patterns on my path are the voice of the sacred feminine and the quest for harmony and I add colour to my creations by seasoning everything I do with a hint of wonder and a dash of magic.

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JeanBaptiste Le Cocq

treasurer & traveller

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We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best.


This means our lives are the image of who we are: our words and actions reflect what we feel and what we’re experiencing in the present moment. Authenticity means creating your life according to your own values and expressing yourself freely and openly in every domain of life.
Our lives are guided by our heart because we know that life is full of meaning when we’re inspired by our heart and that our actions aren’t meaningful or powerful unless we put our heart into them. Our actions are motivated by a profound love of life and human beings.
Of all the inhabitants of the earth, there are no 2 individuals exactly the same or no 2 people that have the same opinion, which doesn’t change the fact that they all have the right to exist. To us, respect means respecting the right of existence of any other person, his integrity and his personal space and not doing anything with the intention to hurt, insult or damage another human being. Respect also means taking care of the earth’s natural resources and being conscious towards and paying attention to everything that exists.

Every person is an autonomous being, which implies that every person assumes responsibility for his own life and that no other person should be allowed to limit his freedom, to dictate his behaviour or to take away power from him. Every person should be able to take decisions independently without meeting any restrictions.


We believe that we’ve been existing for a very long time on a round sphere that is our habitat, with plenty of other beings that share our living space. Everything that has been invented recently by humans, such as borders and nationalities, are illusions that give us the impression of being separate from others and that make us identify with certain characteristics that don’t belong to us. If we’re able to strip ourselves of these properties that don’t belong to us, it’ll be easier for us to find our role on this earth and for this lifetime, all the while respecting and using the specific properties and talents that we were endowed with as a unique individual.


Joy is one of the most powerful forces in life that guides us in the direction of happiness and that allows us to feel amazement in everything we do and experience, if we allow ourselves to be guided by this energy.