2017: the year in which everything is possible

2017: the year in which everything is possible

2016 was a rock and roll kind of year. It confronted us with many unexpected and surprising experiences and events, some of which were magnificent, some of which might have been hard or difficult for us to go through. Everything that was put on our path in 2016 was deliberately put there to make us realise how strong we truly are and force us to assert ourselves, for these are precious resources and skills we will greatly need in the future.
It was also a year of karmic purification, we were in a number nine year which means the end of a cycle in which we resonate with many of our past life experiences. Maybe you were completely caught off guard by some of the events that happened in 2016 and you cannot for the life of you figure out the meaning of them or see what they are related to. Well, this would be a good indication that the situations you were confronted with recalibrated things on a soul-level and didn’t necessarily have a direct link to your current life. It doesn’t matter if you were conscious of the memories the events were related to or not, the way in which you reacted to these unexpected events determined whether or not you were able to decrystallize and harmonise some of the chaotic patterns that have been present and recurrent since multiple lifetimes. If you were able to stay centred and act from the heart, instead of giving in to your fears or negative emotions, then you resolved some of your karmic baggage, even without being aware of it.

On to 2017. Welcome to the age where everything is possible. Things are about to get crazy. I bet you already felt that certain people were acting erratically or that some (or many) of last year’s global situations seemed completely insane. Well, this was a sneak preview of what’s to come, brace yourselves. When I say everything is possible, this is true in the best way and in the worst way. The outside world and the global theatre will be chaotic at best, but this doesn’t mean that you have to get sucked into the chaos. If you want to get through the year serenely, you will have to concentrate on yourself. This doesn’t mean you lose interest or disengage from the outside world, but you disengage from the drama of the outside world and you don’t let yourself get destabilised or sidetracked by it.

We are entering a number one year. The number one represents the spark that ignites new life into the matrix. It’s a year of new beginnings, we are initiating a new cycle.
Action is the keyword this year. This year’s energy supports innovation, entrepreneurship, self-realisation and invention. 2017 is the PERFECT year to start new projects and launch new ideas, for you will have the energy and the willpower to do so, having already worked through the heaviness of 2016. You will also see some of the projects you have been working on for the last couple of years really take off this year. If you want your projects to last on the long run, make sure they come from the heart, the place of non-duality. Even though the energy of this year is quite masculine in nature, you shouldn’t in any case neglect your feminine aspect if you want your creations and actions to reflect the best of yourself and to represent you fully. So yes, take action and get moving but not without taking the time to reflect and nourishing your body, mind and soul.
This year’s call for action means that it is time to leave the realm of thoughts and dreams and start materialising and manifesting your hopes and ideas. Let your life be your prayer and your actions be the testament of your beliefs.

2017 will ask of you to stand your ground. As our reality and the current paradigm are shifting, or more accurately they have already shifted and we’re catching up, we will see more and stronger opposition against freethinkers and people that confirm the reality shift and support the evolution of consciousness, or people that just want to do things differently. Always remember that you are free and that no-one has the right to tell you how or what to think or how you’re supposed to live and you are under no obligation to participate in a world that no longer suits you.
People will challenge your beliefs, question your way life, comment your actions, doubt your motivation. This is not important, you have nothing to prove. What counts is that you keep progressing, you keep building your reality and your life according to your values. Your choices are as valid as anyone else’s and the people that are part of your life should respect your choices, just as you respect theirs. Do you respect and love yourself enough to make sure the people that surround you love and respect you?
Gather your tribe, connect to like-minded people and support each other, help each other out. If you can’t find any support in your direct environment, build your own support network.

2017 will also see a return to source, people will want to go back to basics. This year will see a great revival of everything that is simple, natural, basic. More and more people will appreciate simplicity and transparency in people, things and organisations. This means that many people will start developing an interest for the first time in subjects like agriculture, organic food, crafts, natural medicine, etc. We will also see a revival of ancestral culture and traditions, people will start to wonder who the people were that lived on their lands ages ago. What were their traditions and what did they believe in? How did they make sense of their lives and what can we learn from that?
This move for simplicity and self-sufficiency will be in stark contrast with the move for more industrialisation and uniformisation of the establishment. That doesn’t matter, just keep doing your thing, concentrating on your own expansion and building your world, this is the only way you will render the world of illusions obsolete.

2017 is all about YOU. It is not about what is happening in the world, about which political party wins the election, nor about who will rule you. By lending your support to the people in power OR by fighting against them, you are feeding your precious energy into the old paradigm and keeping it alive. There are no sides to choose from. Everything that is happening or reported about on a world scale and that reinforces duality, that is about picking sides is designed to keep you distracted and prevent you from emancipating yourself. It doesn’t matter who you think is the good guy, no matter which side you support, you are using your own energy to fuel conflictual duality, which means you will always be on the losing end.
Stop engaging in pointless discussions, no-one wants you to pick the person that will rule you. YOU are asked to rule you. Detach from the drama and see the organised distraction for what it is. You have more important things to do, you have a new world to create! The world does not need more people who can help dig the trenches, the world needs more people who know how to build bridges.

If you feel at certain moments during the year 2017 that the world and everyone in it has gone crazy and sometimes you don’t know what to believe anymore, then just go back what you DO know. Reach back to what you love, what you like, what you know in your heart to be true and start building from there. Authenticity is key, if you want your actions to be successful, they will need to reflect all of you, you will need to entirely own up to who you really are, without holding back.

2017 is a year in which you can develop anything you want and evolve exponentially, things can take really take off for you IF you detach yourself from the outside drama and you do not condone, stimulate or participate in any violent acts (this includes verbal violence). 2017 is a year in which you can leave your mark as a divine co-creator of reality and your actions this year will be crucial in determining what you will create and experience in the following nine years. Everything is possible this year, it is up to you to choose whether you let other people shape the future and you will just continue to undergo things as a bystander or whether you step up and start creating a new future for yourself and for humanity.

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