Healing from the Guides

Healing from the Guides 2017-02-04T13:06:31+00:00

After a very clear message I received at the beginning of this year, I now organise Healing from the Guides-sessions. These are group sessions of distant energy healing that I organise each new moon, in connection with one of the spiritual guides that accompany Jean-Baptiste and I on our pilgrimage since a couple of years and that passed their wisdom on to us. The healing session will invite the energy of the spiritual guide in your life so that he/she can also accompany you on your quest for self-realisation and expansion of consciousness.

Each “Healing from the Guides” connects to a different part of our being and opens different doors and possibilities. The new moon is an excellent moment to place a constructive energy that will allow us to move further along our path in life.

Healing from the Guides in 2017