Bolivia – Pampas del Río Yacuma (Amazon)

Bolivia – Pampas del Río Yacuma (Amazon)

Three days of immersion in the Amazonian water jungle where we felt like fish (or dolphins) in the water. The Pampas are a part of the jungle that is completely inundated, so we travel by boat. Water is our element and so we love being here. On our way to our wooden pile dwellings we encounter the famous pink dolphins that show their noses from time to time. Our guide tells us this is the place in the world where they are the most numerous. We are happy to finally see them after a hazardous 15-hour bus ride on a narrow dirt road with a rock face on one side and a gaping precipice on the other… the Road of Death as they refer to it here. At certain intervals the road is dotted with tombstones to remember the vehicles that fell into the abyss. Brrr…

We love being in this jungle, being part of it, sitting still, being immobile. We feel like we’re part of our surroundings, we feel like we are nature.

At several occasions we leave and go exploring the area by boat and we discover curious and cheeky chinchilla monkeys, caimans that are always very close to our cabins (hoping that someone might fall in?), capybaras (a curious animal that looks like a cross between a pig and a Musk rat), all kinds of wonderful birds, immobile sloths that can be seen hanging from the branches for hours at a time, capuchin monkeys and as the cherry on the pie we went swimming with the famous pink dolphins. They love to play and tease and one of them bit my toe to startle me. Anaïs, on the other hand, was treated to a gentler welcome.

Here are some pictures of these precious moments. We don’t have that many because we were fully enjoying every moment of our stay in that wonderful place.


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