Bugarach, the upside-down mountain

Bugarach, the upside-down mountain

Bugarach, place of initiation and encounters

img_0833-600x800We are at La Preste, in the French Pyrenees, preparing to spend some days at Bugarach. I feel great joy bubbling up inside of me, there’s something about this place that has always appealed to me. We take a quick look at the map and notice that mount Canigou, the sacred Cathares mountain, is exactly situated on a line that connects La Preste and Bugarach. We won’t be going in the direction of mount Canigou, because the reconnection with our past lives has been active since a couple of years and continues throughout the journey. Bugarach has something else in store for us.

The road to Bugarach leads us past the gorges of Galamus, where the cave of Marie-Magdalene can be found. We accidentally became aware of the existence of this place, when talking to an artist a couple of days earlier in one of the many art galleries in Collioure (one of the places on the Venus square) that sold soap that was fabricated with water from the spring of Marie-Magdalene.

The actual cave is high up in the valley that has been eroded out of the rocky landscape by the river Agly (river of eagles) and Franciscan monks built a hermitage and provided a chapel dedicated to Marie-Magdalene inside the rock’s façade just next to the spring.  It can’t be denied that there’s a very present energy inside the cave and we feel the presence of nature spirits. When I take a picture of one of the cavities in the rock that leads deep inside the earth, many luminous orbs(or deva) appear in the image, a phenomenon that often appears to indicate the presence of elementals in places where the distance between worlds is shorter.
img_0855_fotor-600x784Bugarach is one of those places where the veils between the different realities are thinner and where a communication across the borders is possible. With the energy we feel and the things we know about Bugarach and its surroundings, we say to ourselves that it’s pretty likely that there is an entrance that leads into inner earth located somewhere in the vicinity of the cave. We take a closer look at the chapel and see an engraved stone that recites the words of father François Palav, former hermit at Galamus, that reads: “I’ve entered the caves and caverns of the rocky walls in search of the profound silence that reigns in the bowels of the earth. Burying my life this way in these lugubrious places, my mind found fewer opportunities to get distracted as on the surface of the planet.”

We take our time in this magical place and once fully charged with this energy, we hit the road to Bugarach. Bugarach, the mountain that intrigues many and that inspired creatives the likes of Jules Verne, George Sand, Steven Spielberg and Claude Debussy. Bugarach, the upside-down mountain, because the upper part of the mountain is older than the bottom part.

Bugarach is a place of initiation, a place that confronts us with our fears and tests us. It’s almost like the place would like to know if we’re able to hold our inner calm if confronted with our fears? Are we capable of staying centered and not be influenced by exterior events?

img_0981-600x600For some friends and myself, the initiation turned out to be a speleology experience in the dark. For some of our company this descent into the bowels of the earth, which was also a descent into the caves of our own unconsciousness, confronted them with fear of the unknown, fear of losing control. For others this experience was a healing process for difficulties experienced at birth or fear of lack (lack of oxygen, lack of money,…) or a confrontation with phobias. For each person the experience helped them let go of their fears and firmly anchor their self-confidence and inner strength.

For Jean-Baptiste the initiation turned out to be an ascension of mount Bugarach in less than optimum weather circumstances. Our paths were different, he chose the masculine way and I the feminine way, but the end result was the same: we fully stepped into our inner strength.

Bugarach catalyst of consciousness

img_0871-600x600Since neolithic times people have been coming to Bugarach to honour the energy of the place and we can find the rests of these ancient cults sprinkled all over the landscape.

Even today, people come here to recharge their batteries and to help preserve the energy of the land. We met some beautiful people that are very conscious about the energy of the place and that act as guardians of this energy. They perform rituals to keep the energy of these acupuncture points on the earth active.

As it goes in every place that holds a great energy potential, the opposite is present as well: people that come here only to take from the energy, often with the intention to get more power, money or admiration and they weaken these places with their unhealthy intentions.

Bugarach is a place with a unique function; it’s a portal toward other worlds, higher consciousness and knowledge and one’s simple presence on its soil can trigger many adjustments and adaptations in lifestyle.
It’s a place that insists upon an open mind, because of its regular UFO-sightings and supernatural phenomena, like the presence of luminous orbs in the cavities of the mountain. Because of this, even the most hermetically closed mind has to recognise, after spending some time at Bugarach, that there are phenomena taking place that are beyond what they thought possible.

Bugarach and the 21st of December 2012

img_0971-600x800Bugarach was becoming a real place of pilgrimage and was playing its role as a catalyst of expansion of consciousness. That was until the moment that someone decided to invent a hardly credible myth that would easily be proven wrong starring the Maya calendar. Because of wrong western interpretations of the Maya calendar, there was some sort of mass-hysteria created around the date of the 21st of December 2012, the day the Maya calendar ended and the date, according to the wrong interpretation, of the end of the world. Someone then took it upon himself to be even more creative with an already very creative interpretation of the calendar and proclaimed that Bugarach would be the only place on earth that would survive the cataclysmic event that would cause the end of the world.

Because the majority of media-outlets have adopted the “reality-TV” style and content today, almost all French television channels went there to interview the “crazy “ inhabitants of the town, people that believed in things like “earth energy”, “healing”, “other civilisations”, …
They basically gave it their all to ridicule the locals, some of them even going to the extent of staging alien abductions and time-travel to fool people and make fun of them on national television. A great feat of journalism…

It hardly comes as a surprise that since then, the locals of Bugarach are a little more careful and don’t feel the need to talk openly about the knowledge they have about the mysteries and secrets of their land. In the eyes of the majority of televised France, Bugarach lost all credibility because of a made-up story. The result: almost no-one went to Bugarach anymore and if there is information made public about the place, people don’t even pay it any attention anymore.

Even if many citizens believed the charade that was designed to divert them, the French government somehow found reasons to be present, because they posted a heavily armed military force on the mountain around the date of the 21st of December and they prevented people from approaching the mountain around this date. Many of the soldiers present didn’t even speak French, according to friends that live at Bugarach, which raises questions. What fear could’ve possibly justified the deployment of an international armed force at Bugarach?

img_0882-600x800Officially this war-like preparation was to prevent mass-suicides, which seems completely ridiculous if we take into account that the fake legend proclaimed that people would survive by coming to Bugarach. If people wished to die, they could just as easily stay put in their homes.

I’ll let every person draw their own conclusions about the military presence on the mountain, but what is certain is that this regrettable episode prevented many people from coming to Bugarach and that it very effectively discouraged the locals from going public with what they feel, see and know about this place.

The real meaning of the Maya calendar is that humanity entered a new evolutionary cycle on the 21st of December 2012. We started a new era, an era that has been announced as the age of Justice, abundance and consciousness.
In this new age humanity will be conscious of the connexion between all things which will effectively put an end to the power games we experience today. Everyone will be equal and information will travel freely.

It’s in the light of this world that is already present in energy and in the spirit of transparency and the sharing of information that is very important to us, that we will share a message that we received one year ago from one of the inner-earth civilisations. This message will be published in 3 parts, during the course of the next couple of days. May this message shed a light on the importance of places like Bugarach and allow you to feel and integrate the vastness of all the aspects of existence that are about to be (re)discovered by you and the rest of humanity.




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