Energy Healing

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A session of energy healing is a precious moment of quality time with yourself, a time to tune in to yourself and to listen to your soul. Life is a magical journey but for us to correctly wield our magic wand and create the life we wish to experience, we need to be connected to our own inner source. All that diverts from this inner source, creates distortions and manifests in chaotic behaviour or states, such as illness, mental issues, lack of confidence, not knowing where to go in life, having trouble making decisions, etc.  

The healing sessions I propose will guide you back to your centre, the space of complete calm, serenity and healing inside of you and I will bring you back to your source, the place from which your whole being can radiate and create flow and abundance, by peeling away the energies that upset your balance and that keep you from gaining access to your source.  
I will immerse you in a state of profound harmony so that your cells and your soul can recognise this state of being and reconnect to it more often and more easily.  

These harmonising sessions can provoke profound relaxation, purify your physical body or purify your energy and life in a broader sense. They will shine a light on every aspect of your life that is not in total accord with your source and reveal incoherence. Therefore healing sessions can help to spark the necessary awareness to implement life changes that encourage inner and outer harmony.  If you are already going through a period of profound change, these sessions can offer support in the process and help you regain some much-needed inner peace.   

Each healing session is unique and highly individual, because the energy that is liberated and transmitted depends on your needs in the present moment. I establish a connection with your soul and I will simply catalyse the movement that will take you back to your path of harmony. I can only act in accord with your soul and purpose and the long-term effect of any session will depend upon your personal awareness of what is going on in your life and the readjustments you will make following each session. Following the healing session you will receive an e-mail explaining what I felt during the healing session, with some recommendations as to how you can continue this movement of harmonisation in your life and on your path.

How do I benefit from a healing session? 

  • These are distant healing sessions : you can schedule an appointment via e-mail and we will agree upon a date and hour to connect 
  • The healing sessions cost 60€
  • To establish a connection, I need your first and last name
  • A healing session takes about 45 minutes