How to incarnate the divine

How to incarnate the divine

We’ve assembled an imbalanced and chaotic global civilisation. The symptoms of the ruling chaos are men that use their power to conquer and destroy, their intellectual capacities to deceive, subjugate, dominate and exploit and women that use their bodies to attract attention, that compliantly resign to the inferior position that is assigned to them or that copy and adopt an imbalanced male behaviour to succeed in a patriarchal society. 

e6389b0f2b2fb60688854091fcf2101bTo find our way back to a state of harmony and flow and to infuse our reality once again with divine essence, we need to collectively give birth to a world where the divine feminine stands side by side with the divine masculine. 

To achieve this, we first need to understand what “the devine feminine” or the “divine masculin” is exactly, to avoid acting based upon misinterpretations and contribute further to the current imbalance. Not all women incarnate the divine feminine and not all men are manifestations of the divine masculine. Our gender might give us some indications to understand what the feminine or masculin truly is, but beyond our physical form we chose to represent a certain energy on earth to contribute to overall harmony and balance in the world. (There are men who choose to represent the divine feminine, independently of their sexual orientation and there are women who manifest the divine masculine, just to show us that we have to think in terms of energy, without any identification to our gender)

This important exchange of energies has always occupied an important place in ancient civilisations and spiritual traditions. There have always been people that were aware that masculine and feminine energy are naturally balanced and that human beings need to honour and preserve this balance to safeguard life.
Examples that illustrate this unity are Shiva & Shakti, Jesus & Mary Magdalene, Isis & Osiris, Horus & Hathor, Pachamama & Pachapapa, etc.
It was the imbalance between these two energies that lead to the downfall and destruction of many civilisations that were thought to be indestructible.

be6f8567521cac96e354cade9e2a9f22-600x601What are the sacred feminine and the sacred masculin exactly? They are both opposite polarities of the divine in our world, equal representations of the divine in our dimension. They are 2 sides of the same coin, two energies that represent unity together. It is the presence of the two energyflows that brings flow to every aspect of existence, that creates and sustains life itself. These sacred energy currents spring from one and the same source and they only present themselves as two very distinct energies and manifestations to allow us to better understand the divine and access it more easily and to teach us that we can only experience abundance when both of them are in harmony and when neither is excessively present at the expense of the other. 

Us humans can have a hard time understanding this collaboration, this exchange of source energy. Yet, nature gives us all the clues we need to understand our reality. This primordial balance can be recognised in the cycles of day and night, the existence of sun and moon, spring and autumn, male and female, strength and softness, hot and cold, humid and dry, etc.

Absolutely everything in our sphere of existence has it’s double, it’s complement. If one of them ceases to exist, life on earth will cease to exist. This balance is essential, it is the foundation of life itself, the fountain from which all life springs.


These two energies, masculine and feminine, circulate in our world, they are what our world is made out of, they are part of the fabric of our reality. The sacred masculine or feminine is not something we can have or be, they are principles, energies that we can manifest. By fully incarnating these principles we contribute to global balance.

To become a manifestation of the divine masculine or feminine, we need to harmonise these two energy currents in ourselves, this is really all there is to it. Both of these energies are present in every man and woman, independent of gender, but manifest in a different way, because of the polarity of the form we chose to incarnate into.

A woman that chooses to incarnate the divine feminine is a woman that lovingly cares for the world and everything that lives in it, she feels good in her body, she experiences a joyful and profound sexlife and celebrates and creates beauty. She represents the matrix and the nourishing mother, she dedicates her existence to the preservation of life and compassionately brings healing to those in need of her gentle attention. Her intuition is her guide on the path of life, the source of her wisdom is the earth. Together with mother earth she is the fertile matrix of consciousness and life. (A man that incarnates the divine feminine incarnates the same principles except the matrix part)

342f9bf1624cfc926a6cde8906339c3fA man that incarnates the sacred masculin is a curious man, he is an explorer who loves to discover new knowledge. He incarnates the spark of life and uses his power to help life emerge. His physical strength and his solidity are fully engaged in creating a just and honest world that sustains life. He has the courage to express his essence and pursue his values with vision and determination. The source of his wisdom is the sky, and with father-sky he represents the mouvement that creates and protects the dynamic impulse of new life into the fertile matrix. (A woman that incarnates the divine masculin acts along the same principles, except for the dynamic impulse part). 

A person that is deconnected from his sacred spark is someone who believes in the ruling stereotypes that have been artificially created for the masculine or feminine archetype and that will act accordingly. This is a person that will reduce himself or herself to one of the aspects of his/her existence as a man or woman. This is a person that, in line with the existing confusion in regards to what femininity or masculinity is, can deny or hide certain aspects of his/her being and exaggerate others or use certain of his gender’s attributes as a weapon or as a means to obtain certain goals. 

When we allow ourselves to be reduced to a stereotype we become but a fraction of our entire being and full potential, limiting ourselves to one of the aspects of our multidimensionality. 

emily-balivetA person that incarnates the divine is a person who recovered a strong connection to the heart and who recognises the game of the elements that are at play in life. When we incarnate the divine we’ve mastered the fire that burns inside of us to an extent where we can wield it to nourish our passions and fuel our joy, instead of losing control and being devoured by it. We know the purifying power of water and we use it to evacuate what no longer suits us and help us to shed our skin over and over again, instead of drowning in oceans of unacknowledged emotions. We know our roots and entertain a symbiotic relationship with the earth which is the source of our life-force, in stead of fleeing our natural ways or giving too much importance to material goods. When we incarnate the divine we are light and agile as the wind, always ready to start moving, instead of imprisoning ourselves in narrow thought patterns or rigid behaviour or letting ourselves be destabilised by the smallest change. 

We are no longer enslaved by our senses, we master them and use them to communicate with the divine that we recognise in everything we encounter. We know how to venture to realms beyond our senses and find knowledge beyond the visible world, wisdom that guides us towards more consciousness and understanding. 

f4c9197528fc53a8bfb8e309dbf3fba1When we become a manifestation of divine energy (masculine or feminine), we welcome and celebrate the presence of the other polarity, for we understand that we need them, as much as they need us, to live in a balanced world. We understand the dynamics between the energies that fuel the wheel of life and will never try to subjugate, replace or crush the other, for it would mean crushing the divine itself. We fully embody our whole being and we see and appreciate the other in his/her totality as well. We understand that unity can be found in the exchange of the two energies, working together side by side, expressing themselves in a different, but equal, way. 

We start becoming manifestations of the divine when we cease to force ourselves to do better, when we no longer have to prove ourselves, get noticed and impress.
We become divine manifestations when we have found our rightful place in life and when we know who we are. This is when we return to the flow of life, when we become this flow. When we let this divine flow pour into every part of our entire being, the meaning of our life and all our actions, thoughts and feelings naturally spring from this flow.

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