Human connection

Human connection

Every time we open our hearts and expose our souls to another human being,
we create a life-long connection.

Even if we never see this person again,
the connection will continue to exist and nourish us.
However brief the contact,
you planted some seeds in someone else’s life,
as did they in yours,

and you’re forever connected in the same unlimited network.

Every time you take a step forward in life and you evolve,
you help every person that is connected to you,
in your infinite web of connections

to move forward and follow their hearts as well.

This is the beauty and simplicity of human interconnectivity.

Artwork by artist Beili Liu: This assembly of beautiful, floating red disks is called Lure Installation Series and it’s a contemplative exploration of an ancient Chinese legend that goes as follows: “When children are born, invisible red wires connect them to their soul family. Along the years they will get closer to each other, until they eventually find each other again, despite of any distance or cultural differences that might separate them.”

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Weaving together dreams and inspiration, creating sparks and connections between our inner realms and outer perceptions, connecting body, spirit and soul. The dominant patterns on my path are the voice of the sacred feminine and the quest for harmony and I add colour to my creations by seasoning everything I do with a hint of wonder and a dash of magic.

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