Meeting Tesla at Avebury

Meeting Tesla at Avebury

Introducing Avebury henge

p1130225-1-600x267The Avebury stone henge is the world’s largest prehistoric stone circle with its 1,3 km in circumference, once consisting of nearly 100 standing stones, 27 of which are still standing today, surrounded by a large chalk stone, grass-covered bank and deep ditch. Inside the largest stone circle were originally two smaller stone circles, slightly different in size.

There are many different theories about the origins and purpose of the site and it’s only thanks to the detailed drawings of a Dr. William Stukely, that we still know what the site looked like before, for many of the stones have been hacked to pieces or torn down by overzealous Catholic priests or locals in need of building material.

p1130248-600x338From his drawings we know that there were two large stone-lined pathways leading into the outer stone circle. One of these corridors, the Beckhampton avenue, was open at the end and the other, the Westkennet avenue, was leading into a small stone circle on Overton Hill that is known as the sanctuary today.
The Avebury standing stone circle is part of a larger neolithic complex, containing the largest man-made Neolithic mount called Sillbury hill, the Westkennet long barrow, Windmill hill, Swallowhead spring and the river Kennet

Connecting to Avebury

aveburymap1-600x791I didn’t know much about the site, all I can say is that I was drawn to it. So one misty morning we arrived at the village of Avebury and I immediately liked the place. I like it’s low-keyness, it’s authenticity, I like the fact that I can stroll among the standing stones with only a couple of sheep to keep me company, free to take my time, touch the stones and attune to the energy of the place.
Next, we did what we always do: we listened to what the place had to say. We are no scientists and have no ambition in that direction, so we don’t carry any scientific measuring devises, our intuition is our main measuring device.

We use our human devices: our 5 senses. What do we see, smell, hear, feel? How do we feel, how do we experience the energy of a place? How does the energy of a place relate to us? What do we sense? Each one of these tools will give us clues and information that lead to deeper layers of understanding. Add intuition to that, or third eye guidance if you will, and the hidden layers of any place on earth open up to whoever takes the time to listen. This makes all the difference between visiting a place and experiencing it.

img_1350-600x800So, what information did we get, using our 5 senses in Avebury? We felt a surprisingly serene atmosphere, in spite of the fact that the village of Avebury has been built right in the middle of the largest stone circle and that a busy access road cuts the site in half.

We could feel the site still holds a lot of energy and certain areas inside the stone circle will quite literally pull you in, while others push you away, quite like a magnetic push and pull.

The dual nature of the energy is also visually present. There are 2 kinds of standing stones on the site: the larger slender stones (or masculine stones) and the smaller, rounder stones (or feminine stones). Natural guardians are posted at different entry points of the circle, always in pairs, hinting at the character of the site and honouring the two poles of existence.

This is a recurring theme in the majority of sacred sites around the world:
the dual nature of our reality. All over the world we can find clues to help us understand that there are 2 main energy flows in our reality and only when those 2 different flows of energy are in balance we can experience harmony and abundance and achieve a state of unity. The pursuit of this balance is the very purpose of our existence here on earth and the key to expanding our existence beyond our human experience.

The guardian of Avebury

stonecirclesorg-uk_-600x521At one point during our walk, we meet one of the human guardians of the Avebury site. In the majority of the energetic sites around the world, there are people guarding the energy of the place and making sure the site stays active. In this case the guardian turned out to be a middle-aged man walking his dog, whom I met at the exit of a labyrinth in the middle of the stone circle. I learned he was the maker of the labyrinth when he explained to me that each year, around the time of Samhain, he traces a new labyrinth that is designed in accord to the energy of the earth at that moment.

There is some kind of magic that takes place when you meet someone that is connected to the earth, that is attuned to a place at the same moment you are. It feels like the usual boundaries between 2 people dissipate and you are allowed a glimpse into the soul of the other person. This is what happened when we started talking. We had 2 different conversations going on simultaneously, one with words and the other with images and thoughts. It was like he was elaborating on his verbal story with the second, invisible conversation. I don’t know if it was conscious on his part, or of it was his soul speaking to me without informing his mind but somehow I feel he knew very well what he was doing.

p1130027-1-576x1024This is actually something that goes on very often between people, albeit on an unconscious level. These soul-conversations are the reason why sometimes you hear someone saying something and you “feel” they mean something else, your intuition in this case guiding you to the real meaning of their intentions.

It is not the first time I experience this kind of conversation on a conscious level and I feel it is an essential part of human connection that most of us have lost. It’s the kind of conversation you can only have with someone if you occupy the same energy space. When you make this conscious soul connection to someone your conversation goes deeper and you can communicate on a telepathic level. The telepathic communication can give you some extra information, it can clarify and complete a message, making it essentially a multi-layer conversation.

Anyway, here’s what he chose to share with me: He told me about his role as a guardian of the Avebury stone circle. Each day, he walks his dog and checks if no-one left anything behind in the stone circle that could alter or deviate its energy. Each object that belonged to someone carries the energy of this person and many people leave objects behind on sacred sites to allow them to tap into the energy of those sites when they are no longer there. It’s like they are plugging their energy into the place and some of these plugs are quite benevolent and innocent, others less. Every day he clears and cleans the energy of the site and removes any unwanted object or energy.
“It’s like those ribbons,”-he explained, “people put them in sacred trees, thinking they will receive future blessings from the fairies by doing this.” (There are, in fact, “guardian” trees in Avebury, as there are in Glastonbury, that are covered with multi-coloured ribbons). “Well, let me tell you something, there’s nothing more efficient to upset the little people than putting non-biodegradable litter in their living spaces.” I had to admit I never really thought about it, but I had no choice but to agree with him. If I were a fairy, I would not like people putting rubbish in my home.

“It’s no difancient_skies_multimedia_archive_29-600x303ferent with the labyrinth and the stones,” he told me, “sometimes people insert tiny papers into the rocks or they leave stuff behind in the labyrinth. Not always objects, people can leave a piece of themselves behind, you know, when they’re not aligned.” While he said this, he sent me a moving image: He showed me the labyrinth creating a 3D spinning vortex. “Aah,” I thought, “I understand labyrinths better now.” Labyrinths can be found in various energy sites and they can allow people to “charge” themselves with the energy of the place, IF they are aligned and attuned to the energy of the place (which someone else who understands the working of the labyrinth can help them do). In this case, the labyrinth will provide them an energy boost and the energy of the site will accompany them in their lives. The labyrinth has an uplifting and aligning effect.
However, if a person is not entirely present in his body or not attuned to the energy of the place, the labyrinth will do the opposite, it will discharge them, they will feel a downward pull and they can leave fragments of their energy field behind in the labyrinth.

Tesla and the purpose of the Avebury stone complex

boradhurst-and-miller-600x565It’s been 2 months and a half since we visited the site and it’s only now, while writing this article, that the purpose of the site starts to dawn on me. Sometimes information comes in and needs some time to be processed and distilled into something comprehensible.

I have another look at the original shape of the site: 2 large corridors leading into one large circle, containing two smaller circles. At first sight the shape makes me think about a uterus and fallopian tubes, the 2 inner circles representing 2 human cells. After closer inspection, I realise the 2 inner circles are not entirely identical in size though. The human cell theory doesn’t hold up but I feel I’m coming close.

This is where Tesla comes in, quite unexpectedly. One of the recent destinations in our journey was the city of Belgrade, where we visited the Tesla museum. Apart from being an interesting and fun experience, our visit had an unforeseen side effect. Ever since that day, I started having lucid dreams where Nicolas Tesla comes and explains stuff to me.

So this is one of times, while I’m thinking hard about what else Avebury evokes to me, that he decided to “pop in” and clarify things. “Look again”, he said and while I visualise the Avebury stone circles, he makes the inner circles start spinning, which releases a huge amount of energy into the air. I can see electrical currents and circular wave-patterns emanating from the 2 inner stone circles and charging the whole stone complex.
This vision revealed the true meaning of the site to me. I now feel Avebury stone circle was a huge energy-generating and energy-regulating “plant”. It’s the electrical transformer and generator of the UK bio-energy network and an enormous open-air energy-generating device.

On a geographical level this makes perfect sense: Avebury is right on the crossroads of 2 major ley lines: one running from the ring of Brodgar on the Orkney Islands through Avebury, Stonehenge and Mont Saint-Michel in France and the other, the St-Michael’s ley, running from the Saint Michael’s mound in the south-east of England through Glastonbury Tor and Burrowbridge Mump, making it a key energy node in the UK energy network.

When I started looking for information to back up my intuition, I stumbled upon a drawing from a book by Broadhurst and Miller called “The serpent and the sun”, which shows two energy lines entering the Avebury site: the Mary and the Michael line, female and male energy, circling through the site and leaving it again, charging the whole circle with their energy. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the drawing, for it made me think awfully hard about something else. To me, it looked like a Tesla energy-generating device, complete with disks (the inner circles) and a coil (Sillbury hill) and two “wires” to redistribute the energy: the 2 corridors leading up to the site.

So what exactly does this mean?

Well, the site has been dated to 2600 BC. If this date is correct, it means that people in 2600 BC knew how to generate electrical and bio-energy using the earth’s natural energy flows. Energy they could use for lighting, heating, travel, sending information, regeneration, spiritual advancement, healing, … Since it occupies such a central place in the UK-energy network, it is very likely that other stone circles had the same, or a similar, function.

This doesn’t mean that Avebury was not a ritual place. If the people that built the Avebury circle used the site to generate energy, they most definitely also performed rituals to thank the energies that allowed them to harvest and use this power. Technological advancement of this level goes hand in hand with a spiritual understanding of the basic energy laws of the universe and a deep respect for natural harmony and balance. It’s an evolved consciousness that creates evolved energy-generating machines, not the other way around.

It also means that we desperately have to stop thinking of ourselves as the most evolved human civilisation to date, for it is a belief that, apart from being very far from the truth, is harmful and prevents us from seeing what is right in front of us and accessing information that could lift humanity out of the Dark Ages and into the era of harmony, beauty and abundance that has been long heralded.



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