Mystery at Rennes-le-Château

Mystery at Rennes-le-Château

Follow the signs

We are in Argentina, Buenos Aires and the next step in our journey unfolds in a surprising manner. We get word that one of our family members is not feeling well and for reasons that seem unrelated to our quest, we decide to change course and we leave for our next destination: France.

img_0823-600x600Just a few days later we arrive on the European continent, at La Preste les bains, in the French Pyrenees, for a 3-week treatment with spring water. La Preste is known for its sulfurized water that is very beneficial for a number of health-related causes.

This unexpected change of course could’ve shaken us a bit, but life keeps showing us that when we’re on our path, every event takes on a different meaning and the flow of life can sometimes lead us to surprising places, just by following the clues.
We decide to see this episode as another part of the journey. And so we continue, as we’ve been doing all along, to make a connection to the places we go, listen to the signs and go with the flow.

Nothing happens by accident, even the touristy daytrips we planned during our spa stay and that seem to have no correlation whatsoever, turn out to be a little more connected than we initially thought.
I realise this some days later, in a plane heading for the south of Spain when I start reading a book that is called « The Portal » by Patrice Chaplin. I’m amazed that several places that we visited over the past couple of days are mentioned in her account as being energetic power places and part of an initiatory path she calls « the Venus square », that is charged with divine feminine energy.
Among these places are Collioure, Figueres and Ripoll in the Pyrenees.
The connection to divine feminine energy is one of the guiding principles of our journey, bringing more awareness to the neglected feminine pole of our human existence is part of what we feel to be our mission and I’m filled with wonder to see that we have been retracing this initiatory path without being aware of it.

p1120581-600x338In her book she describes her youth in Gerona, in the north-east of Spain, a former Visigoth capital and a flourishing city that has been assembled from various backgrounds: Arab, Jewish and Roman influences make out the building blocks of this city, and she recounts her encounters with a secret society that protects the information encoded in this place. Her story reaches its height when her initiatory journey leads her to mount Canigou where she experiences a powerful reconnection with her past life memories.
The information that strongly resonates with me is that Gerona is the opposite pole of an energy line that connects it to Rennes-le-Château and that holds the energy of Marie-Magdalene.

The abbot Saunière

Rennes-le-Château, above all known for the notorious abbot Saunière that lived like a dandy in the midst of an anonymous little village in the heart of the Cathar region. The legend tells us he stumbled upon a treasure hidden in a hollow pillar in the church, which allowed him to restore the church and live a decadent lifestyle.

What he probably found is information. Information that allowed him to attract substantial financial aids from people who wanted him to continue with his spiritual research to verify the information he possessed and information that probably allowed him to put some pressure on the Vatican as well, for this would explain why he was allowed to live the lifestyle he chose, without intervention from the church authority.

He longed to possess more spiritual knowledge to accumulate power for himself and bask in the admiration of others. We can see the testament to all his energetic knowledge in the symbols he chose at Rennes-le-Château. He let himself be seduced by the idea of having more knowledge and more power than others and chose not to share what he learned and this caused his downfall.

img_0924-600x450If there is anything to be learned from the abbot Saunière it is this: we don’t have any right to use and hide information (energetic or not) with the intention to accumulate power and money for ourselves. Every person or organisation that dissimulates certain information or makes information available only to a segment of the population to ensure the advantage of this group, to differentiate or create a cast of chosen ones and receive certain privileges is obscure and serves the shadow-side of existence.

Organisations like free masons or rosecrucians had their utility in the past to pass on knowledge that the church and government looked to destroy. But, little by little, some of these organisations sensed that the knowledge they were supposed to protect gave them an advantage over others and this is where they moved into the shadows.

We can see this capitulation clearly in the hierarchical structure of these organisations and in the lack of transparency. They’ve become catalysts for darkness and the obscure instead of enlightenment and consciousness and they mainly attract people that want to feel special or that want to be on a different level than others.

Information travels freely

What is hidden easily becomes obscure. When information is available, it will get out sooner or later, no matter the lengths people go to, to hide them. What the abbot Saunière discovered in Rennes-le-Château and kept hidden was the power of the Magdalene and he looked to exploit this energy for his own benefit, pushing the divine feminine even further into forgetfulness.

Rennes-le-Château, like many other places on this earth, carries within its soil and rocks and buildings certain codes that activate parts of people’s consciousness or that can plant seeds of divine knowledge. The knowledge of the history of this earth, humanity and even the entire universe is encoded all over this earth and interconnected in a great web that can be accessed and that is retraceable in the physical world through the existence of energy lines. There is not one piece of information that is written on a scroll, in a secret handbook, on a stone tablet, hidden in vaults or kept in a private library that is not readily available to those who seek expansion and who walk their chosen path.

Each of these codes resonates with different parts of our human DNA and a conscious mind can therefor activate different parts of his being by connecting to different places on this earth. Little by little, we can reconstruct the fabric of our own past lives and of the history of humanity this way, a bit like putting pieces of a puzzle together.

These codes can never be destroyed, even if the buildings that mark these energy points are blown to pieces or left to wither. They are encoded in the structure of the planet we live on and in the structure of our human DNA, they are our birth right, the birth right of every single person here on earth.

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