October’s energy: creativity and flow

October’s energy: creativity and flow

After September’s turbulence and unrest, inner calm is slowly being restored to us during the month of October. Which are this month’s lessons and what can October’s energy help us achieve? If we accepted and went along with the energy of detachment of the month of September, instead of blocking of resisting it, we were able to let go of certain unhealthy or toxic habits and we managed to distance ourselves from certain situations or people whose energies no longer agreed with us.

louis-lander-deacon-43The events and changes of the month of September took place in a radical way, we weren’t always able to stay in the eye of the storm and we might even have manifested extreme behaviour or let ourselves get submerged and carried away by the intensity of our emotions. Even if you had the impression of being worn down by the magnitude of your feelings, know that this burst of emotions was necessary to bring you to certain realisations and give you the strength and persistence to free yourself from strong attachments and limitations.

Since then, the energy of October’s full moon might have stirred things up for you again, making you revisit some of the intense emotions you felt in September and this might have made you fall back into some unhealthy habits or thought patterns during the period surrounding the full moon. This does not mean that you are no longer making progress, it is just a reminder to show you that the energies you distanced yourself from during the previous month definitely no longer agree with you and confirming your decision to detach yourself from energies that wear you down. Pay attention to the emotions you are feeling and take the time to identify the underlying wounds so you can start to heal.

The month of October is a month of (re)construction. All the things you detached yourself from, and the bonds you let go of, freed you and created space for new things to enter your life. You feel like you can breathe again and because of the space you freed up in your head, you see things with renewed clarity. You notice that you start accessing new knowledge, you tap into new, unknown energies and new aspects of yourself emerge, inviting you to explore them more profoundly. This is a creative month and new projects flourish and spring to life in our hearts and minds with the promise to grow and develop during the next couple of months.

6a3dfcad5d99662fdbb234e08a024d93This months’ energy asks us to follow our instincts without holding back and without compromise. Reconnect to your intuition and follow your gut feeling in every aspect of your life. For each decision you will make this month, each action you want to undertake, each direction you’re about to engage in, ask yourself if this is truly and entirely what you wish to do, FEEL the direction you need to take instead of analysing your next step. Does the prospect of that new project make you happy right now, do you like developing this or that idea or are you acting out of some misplaced idea of obligation or because someone told you this would be a sound decision?

Your energy has changed and the parameters of your life are adapting to that new energy, you can no longer count on what you knew. You will need to pay close attention to the events and encounters that you naturally come across during this entire month to decipher the hidden messages they carry and to understand what will work for you in the future. A lot will become clear through your meetings and exchanges with other people and this month’s encounters will catalyse movements that will continue all throughout the next couple of months and produce results somewhere in the future. If you feel like meeting someone in particular or like getting back in touch with someone, spending time with certain people, it is important to follow up on that and arrange the meeting.
The contrary is true as well, if you don’t feel like spending time with certain people, if meetings keep getting cancelled, if you just can’t seem to find the time to see someone in particular during this month, this is meaningful as well. The same goes for your projects: which of your activities nicely and easily coming together and what are the things that you just can’t seem to get to, the projects that you just can’t dedicate any time to? All of this is meaningful, especially during this month, for this month’s events are a preview of events to come and energies that will accompany you during the coming months.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the quantity of your ideas. The creative flow is very strong and can provoke a fireworks effect in your head: it’s stunningly beautiful, but the multitude of colours and light are blinding you a bit and you don’t know which creative spark to develop first. Just take your time to write down the projects and ideas that are bubbling up inside of you and keep them safely tucked away until you can take the time to develop them. Not all of them are ready to be harvested and put to use straight away. Feel your way through: which projects and wishes should you prioritise and which ideas need some time to mature? Do not, in any case, block your creative flow by saying to yourself that some of your ideas and dreams are too far-fetched to come true or that you won’t have the time to develop them, just keep the fountain flowing and keep this creative energy circulating in all parts of your life. Listen to whatever comes up, pay close attention to the people you meet and remember whatever resonates during these meetings. This month you will sow many seeds that will blossom in the months, and even years, to come.

Photos: Marcel Christ Powder & Louis Lander Deacon

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