Polarity Healing

Polarity Healing

Anaïs Theyskens and Jean-Baptiste now offer you energy healing sessions where they join their energies together. These healing sessions are the logical result of our mutual spiritual path that we walk together and individually at the same time. The intuition to organise these joint healing sessions came at the same time for the both of us and we both felt strongly it was important to materialise this kind of healing.

The feedback of the people that received these polarity sessions motivated us to continue them. We noticed that there is a different kind of energy altogether when we work together than when we do the healing session individually. Without trying to rationalise what happens when we work together, there is balance that comes from combining masculine and feminine energy and these healing sessions are very powerful.
Asides from that, we both have our own individual way of proceeding during healing sessions which means that without concerting each other, we work on different areas of the energy body, we complement and complete each other. Working with two therapists on one person means we can go even deeper, it intensifies the healing session and generally means fewer sessions are necessary.

We were able to observe another amusing effect of the polarity sessions: the people that received were generally able to recall in great detail which parts of the body we worked on, they visualised colours or certain shapes, etc.

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