The Ayahuasca experience

The Ayahuasca experience

p1110594-600x338We recently had an interesting week in the jungle, which taught us many things. It was an intense experience, on an energetic and a human level. One of the things we were asked to do while being there was to connect to the plants in the jungle. We are used to connecting to animals, people, minerals and colours, but we didn’t have that much experience in connecting to plants yet. This is also why we decided to collaborate in a volunteer project where we were able to study medicinal plants up close. The message we received is that we would be able to heal with the energy of the plants, without having to sacrifice the plant in the process. To do this, we first needed to establish a connection with the plant life in the jungle.

One day we decided to sit down and experiment. We played around connecting to different plants and feeling the plant energy. We had an inventory of the plants of the Peruvian jungle at our disposal and so I would open this inventory and connect to the plant I saw before me and listen to what it wanted to share.

One of these plants was Ayahuasca. Now, I was a bit hesitant towards ayahuasca, not sure what to think of it, I preferred avoiding it. I knew of people that had been able to cure depression, mental illness or open their consciousness with the help of the plant, but I also encountered people that had very bad experiences with the plant, they had nightmarish hell visions after drinking the plant juice and were unable to get out of their predicament by themselves. Since arriving in Latin America I’ve also seen many “spiritual” ayahuasca retreats being organised by fake shamans that use the attraction of the plant to extract money from soul-searching tourists and I met foreigners that were “hooked” to the ayahuasca experience, spending all of their holidays in Peru. I was not too fond of the plant and a bit hesitant to connect to its energy when I opened the page of the ayahuasca plant.

But I said to myself: there is no such thing as coincidence and only one way to find out. It’s my full-proof method whenever I’m not sure about people’s intentions or their energy, so why not use it on plants? Once I connected to the plant, I saw the same jungle I was in, but everything I saw was much more intense. The colours were vibrant and changing all the time, there even were some colours I never saw before and all the plants and trees were oozing energy, they were sparkling with life. It was a very nice vision. I saw the ayahuasca plant in front of me and it actually had the energy of a person, instead of the energy of a plant.

dscf3645-600x450This is what the plant had to say to me once I had made the connection: “I am whom they call the master plant. I am an ascended soul that chose to incarnate into a plant. Every ayahuasca plant carries my presence. I am not bad, nor good, I am. I am spirit, I am mind. I am what people are without physical boundaries. People can connect to my spirit and feel what reality is really like, they can feel how they create everything they experience with their mind. People get a preview of other dimensions this way. I open all the doors of perception: I am Alice and I’m Wonderland.
In a material form, in plant form, I bring out everything that is not in harmony with the soul. Very much like the jungle does. The jungle amplifies and brings out all the issues that you haven’t resolved, it confronts you with your shadow side, with all your doubts, insecurities and fears. In a spiritual form, I still have the same properties: you can connect to the “other dimensional” possibilities and perceptions. The only difference is that this way you decide when you want to stop the experience and you are your own guide during your journey.

The spirit of ayahuasca went on to explain how to proceed to do plant healing: healing with the energy of the plant instead of the plant in its material form. One of the things the spirit of the plant suggested is that I give a new name to a plant when I use it for healing. I connected to a specific plant to use it in distant healing and I named the plant “rainbow health”. The spirit of the plant told me I would receive a sign if I did it right during the day.

I asked the plant why I needed to work with plant energy specifically, instead of regular energy healing, like I usually do. This was the reply: “It is one thing for the mind and spirit to let go of matter, it is another thing altogether for matter to let go of matter. The human cells have been programmed to receive a certain kind of information: they are used to receive medicine and drugs to cure any illness, they are programmed to recognise this information. You can see this as an intermediary step between healing matter with matter and healing matter with energy. For a human organism, especially when it is not in optimal health, sometimes it’s easier to receive information it can recognise. You can see this way of healing as a (temporary) bridge between energy and matter. It is the next step after homeopathy, which already healed people with the information of plants, put into matter. Now you will heal without matter, just with the information of the plant.”

p1110574-600x272What about my sign? In the afternoon we were treated to the most amazing, enormous rainbow that towered over the natural reserve. Everyone was all the more amazed because there was no direct sunshine and many clouds and still the rainbow materialised perfectly. If this wasn’t enough, we were treated to a beautiful night sky (the only clear night sky while we were there, as it usually rains in the evenings) filled with shooting stars.

And the aftermath? Ayahuasca stayed true to its promise, it helps expel everything that is not in accord with the soul. Since connecting to the plant I dived into my past and that of my family and I’ve received messages from deceased family members that I needed to hear to be at peace with their memory. I was also confronted with all the sadness I had felt in my life and was able to set my past self free and give myself as a child and a teenager a taste of the freedom and joy I feel and experience today. It was a very profound and loving reconciliation with my past and I know it’s the spirit of the ayahuasca plant that helped me face these “shadow”-moments of my life and harmonise them.
What about my attitude towards Ayahuasca? I still wouldn’t advise anyone to go and drink ayahuasca, because I know that the sudden exposure to all your inner demons can cause permanent psychological damage to the unprepared soul. However, there is an alternative: by connecting to the spirit and the energy of the plant, you can experience all the benefits of the plant and journey at your own pace. When you feel like the experience is getting too intense for you, you simply cut short your experience, something you can’t do when you take the plant in its material form.
I guess it’s like all “methods” that open your consciousness artificially, I don’t see the point of any of them, when we have the opportunity to connect to anything we want today. All true knowledge lies within you, not outside of you. It’s never a good idea to let go of your personal power and put it in the hands of someone or something else. Today you no longer have to resort to methods where you undergo the process, today we are encouraged to master our journey, our life, our evolution, from beginning to end.


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