The Fire Within

The Fire Within

All of us are born with a great fire inside of us. This fire is a present which everyone receives at birth. Each person will use this present, which contains his talents, passions, hopes and dreams, differently and will choose one of the following possibilities:

He can let the fire be extinguished by traumatising events, by the advise and opinions of other people or by his own fears and he’ll end up losing his energy and forgetting who he is. 
He can feed this fire with his frustrations, anger and hatred and the fire will end up consuming him to eventually lead to his destruction. 
He can keep the fire burning and use its power to nourish him with the required energy and motivation to identify his talents, to live passionately and fulfil his dreams. 

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Weaving together dreams and inspiration, creating sparks and connections between our inner realms and outer perceptions, connecting body, spirit and soul. The dominant patterns on my path are the voice of the sacred feminine and the quest for harmony and I add colour to my creations by seasoning everything I do with a hint of wonder and a dash of magic.

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