The great karma purification of 2016

The great karma purification of 2016


p1100548-576x1024Like I said in the article “what 2016 has in store for us”, we’ve entered a number 9 year, which means that we’ve started resonating with al of our karmic cycles, allowing us to access and free knots and blockages that would be harder to access at any other moment.

An intense year, as a society and as an individual, but above all a year that offers us unique opportunities to renew ourselves, to shed our old skin and get rid of what doesn’t serve us anymore.
For me, the process of renewal has gone off to a flying start since the beginning of this year and I think this is the case for many people. Understanding what is going on and being conscious of what you are experiencing is essential in this cleansing process.

You will be cleaning up different aspects of your soul cycle, of your being this year. The key for going through these moments more swiftly, is seeing them as opportunities and not experiencing them as issues that are holding you back.

How can you identify these moments, how does the purification process present itself in your life?

img_1325-600x800You might have incredibly detailed dreams, of situations that you already found yourself in or entirely fictional situations that seem so realistic that they look like deja-vu’s. These dreams may include some of your family members, friends or people close to you and will interrogate you about certain aspects of your relationship with them.

Another possibility is that you might surprise yourself thinking about people that are no longer a part of your life. Don’t be upset by the apparition of these “ghosts from the past”, you are not moving backwards, you are just purifying the last bit of “dirt” or unclear parts that are left and you are harmonising that particular memory.

Karmic purification implies physical manifestation. Don’t be surprised if problems or disturbances arise on a physical level and you face some health-related issues and above all, don’t be alarmed. You are eliminating the information of this disease on a cellular level and you are transforming the problem in your DNA.

There is no past, present or future and you will become very much aware of this in 2016. The past is not behind you, it is part of you at each and every moment of your life.

If you stay conscious about what is happening and you pay attention to your feelings, you won’t need to feel like you are being “caught up” by demons from the past. Instead, you will experience these past events that are bubbling up in your present life like opportunities. They are, in fact, a second chance to stop undergoing the effects of certain situations or energies and take an active role in the process of your healing and evolution.

img_1292-1-600x450It’s a process of transformation that will allow you to modify something that you always considered as a dark area or an ugly episode of your path into something more beautiful, more pure. In a way, you will have the opportunity to redo some of the past experiences that have regret or pain attached to them. You won’t exactly return to the past and relive the moment, but you will be doing some time travelling: your soul, your essence will reconnect to these moments to remodel this moment and change the marks it left on you, into something that suits you better, that supports your evolution and expresses your essence more accurately.

Don’t suppress the symptoms of what is manifesting without asking yourself why something is manifesting, because it is the consciousness with which you approach the issue that will untie the knot, not the bandage you apply to cover it…

Have the clarity of mind as well to see and understand that not 100% of everything that is showing up belongs to you. There are, for example family issues and interpersonal baggage. You are part of a network and this has its repercussions on you. You are an individual, but always connected to other people and it is possible that you are helping alleviate some of the baggage of your lineage, or helping to purify some baggage for people that are close to you.

I was surprised to find myself going through some physical difficulties that hadn’t occurred in my life before or manifesting certain health issues that are clearly linked to my family lineage. Because I was conscious of the underlying knot, I was able to quickly move past these episodes and not be imprisoned by them.

2016 is a year that will help us lighten the load, a year of energetic weight loss, which can also manifest on the physical plane.
If you are thinking about giving up smoking or adopting a healthier lifestyle, a healthier diet, 2016 is the ideal moment and your body will give you all the support you need. Continue behaviour or habits that are a nuisance to your health and your body will make you feel the damage a lot faster and more acutely than at other moments in time.


p1110423-600x338Everything you are able to harmonise on a physical level will allow you to let go more easily on a spiritual level. The 2 planes are not separate and everything you transform on a spiritual level will be transformed on a physical level as well.

Taking good care of yourself is essential in 2016, on a material and a spiritual level. Take the time to rest, to meditate, to get a massage, to take a walk, to cook, to eat, to visit a spa. Invest in your health and choose organic food, natural cosmetics, etc. Listen to your body and your soul, at every moment.

It’s the ability to listen to yourself, the consciousness with which you approach your experiences, that will allow this purification process to take place and that will allow you to move forward. Open yourself to the world, you don’t need to protect yourself. Let the different phases of the purification process move through you instead of stiffening up and preventing it from coming to an end, because you will get stuck with the energetic waste.

Accept the movement. People that resist this movement, that wage a war against this process or that are used to putting their head in the sand, will go through some difficult times in 2016. In the end, it’s you who decides if you experience things the hard way or the easy way.

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