The magic of crystal (and water)

The magic of crystal (and water)

I love it when scientific research starts providing evidence for what our intuition already knows and accepts. Our intuition, steered by our heart and soul, is always a couple of steps ahead of our mind. I’ve come to see scientific evidence as a way to reassure the mind and synchronise the mind with the heart and the soul.

glassdata-1The recent discovery of the data storage capacity of crystal and the practical application of this special property of crystals in computer hard ware is one of those discoveries where science is catching up on ancient knowledge. According to scientists from the UK and the Netherlands, data written to a glass “memory crystal” could remain intact for millions of years. The data-storage technique uses a laser to alter the optical properties of fused quartz at the nanoscale. The researchers say it has the potential to store a staggering 360 terabytes of data (equivalent to 75,000 DVDs) on a standard-sized disc. Mr. Zhang, a scientist working for Hitachi that is translating this new science into practical applications, explains how by recording information in 5D – the three dimensions of space that describe the physical location of the dot, and two additional dimensions that are encoded by the polarity and intensity of the beam that creates the dot – he creates holographic images that are stored inside the crystal.
(to read the rest of the original article on the application of data storage in crystal you can go to the following link 5d superman memory crystal heralds unlimited lifetime data storage). 
The next step will be to “inform” the crystal with the mind and extract the information with the mind as well, bypassing the laser and external reading devices. This new technology is yet another temporary bridge that is closing the gap between matter and information, between matter and mind. 

For me crystals, with their translucence and purity, make me think of water in a solid form and I detect many similarities between water and crystal. Water molecules save every bit of information they have ever encountered and are able to reproduce the energetic footprints of every element they have ever been in contact with and crystals functions in a very similar way. A crystal is able to save every bit of information that it comes into contact with and by tapping into the energy of a crystal one can extract all the information it contains.

The formula of quartz (or rock crystal) is SiO2: Silicon (not to be confused with the synthetic polymer silicone) and Oxygen. Over 90% of the Earth’s crust is composed of silicate minerals, making silicon the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust (about 28% by mass) after oxygen. Silicon is a semi-conductor: a material that transmits information and retains it (insulator) at the same time. Because of it’s quality as semi-conductor, silicon is widely used in integrated circuits, the basis of most computers and modern technology. So using crystals for data storage in computers really seems like the logical next step and one wonders even why no-one thought of it before.

Ancient civilisations knew about the capacities of crystal and water to transmit and save information. They used crystals as the more obvious choice for longtime data storage, like the mythical example of the crystal skulls. Another example are fortune tellers using crystal spheres to foretell the future. The crystal ball detects and holds the energy of the “client” and projects it back in images to the fortune teller (the one that knows what he’s doing, there are of course a lot of fortune tellers that just sit in front of crystal balls for folklore, not having any idea of why they’re doing this ). Since linear timelines are an illusion of the mind, and past-present-future all happens in the same moment (difficult for the mind, I know), the skilled “reader” can tap into every kind information he wants, just by tapping into the energy of the person. The crystal ball functions as a mirror or magnifier of the different aspects of the person that is sitting on the other side of it.

img_2062-600x800Since the beginning of our journey, I’ve been travelling with a crystal that I wear as a jewel around my neck. Every time I pass a water source that is charged with a lot of energy, I dip in the crystal so that it can store and remember the energy of the place. I use it as a hard disk saving the memory of the places I go and when I tap into the energy of the crystal, I can tap into every memory of the journey and vividly recall the energy and events that are associated with each place. Even though the human body functions much in the same manner: it remembers and saves all the experiences and all the energies that we come into contact with during our lifetimes, I liked the idea of having an external “storage unit” as well. This journey is so rich in encounters, information and knowledge, that it is difficult for my mind to remember everything that I feel, that I see or experience along the way. The crystal helps me in this, as it functions as my backup disk and my external battery at the same time, charging me with the energy of all the places I’ve visited. I will carry and cherish my experiences during my entire life, but the human body is not eternal and the crystal offers me the possibility to one day pass on these precious memories to someone that will understand and cherish them the same way I do now.

Let’s get back to water: there’s a reason why being near water can help find inspiration (lots of famous writes and artists used to retreat somewhere near the sea, a lake or a a river to be inspired), why in different temples or sanctuaries you can find water (the water temples in Yezidi culture), why water is used in baptisms (used to pass on information and open up the spirit of the human being to divine knowledge) and why springs are often considered as holy or sacred (There’s an abundance of sacred wells in the countryside of Great Britain like for example Chalice Well in Glastonbury, but in other countries as well like Lourdes in the south of France).

p1110396-600x852Water has always been associated with life and life is sacred. Not only that, but scientific studies show the incredible capacities of water to retain and reproduce information and energy. When we’re in the vicinity of water, the water molecules in our body are able to recognise and translate or reproduce certain frequencies that are contained in that water body. Even if our minds are totally oblivious to this process, our water molecules just do what they’ve always been doing and synchronise with the “new” information that is available to us. This is why, near water, people tend to get new ideas or be inspired and why every sacred well has specific properties that it derives directly from the location and the history of the well. For example: There is the sacred well of Eleonore in Sologne (center of France) that can help dissolve the effects of black magic and disease as the well is located in a region that was known for it’s birettes (witches) and black magic. Connecting to this source of energy can help purify your energy because the water and the source still carry the memory of all the events that took place around this well and the water molecules can recall and reproduce these memories.

I’ll end this article by giving you something to think about. The formula of water is H2O: hydrogen and oxygen. One could wonder if the data storage and transmission function of water is organised by the Oxygen molecules it has in common with crystal. Oxygen being the air we breathe and surrounding us everywhere, this might explain how certain phenomena such as distant healing or telepathy are possible, they would be literally airborne. New scientific discoveries are a great example of this phenomenon: often a new scientific breakthrough will happen on different locations in the world simultaneously, by scientists that never even met. A new idea appears in different locations at the same time. If many people adhere or give importance to a certain thought form, the thoughts, information and concepts contained in this thought form will automatically spread to others and become part of the general accepted truth: this is how thought forms or egregores work, they literally spread through the air. One of those obvious thought forms lately is the fact that many people are beginning to really believe and understand that our world is changing. The thought form being the first step of change, change is “in the air” and our reality is adapting to this now commonly accepted thought form.

If you’d like to know more about the capacities and properties of water, I highly recommend the Russian documentary “Water – The great Mystery” (translated into English). It contains essential information for anyone that wishes to understand how the memory function of water works and how the human body works: A human body is composed of between 65 and 78% of water. If water is able to retain information and remember EVERY vibration it has ever been in contact with during it’s entire lifetime, than the possibilities for healing, transformation and data storage and modification are truly limitless.
You can buy the DVD on Amazon here: Buy Water DVD. I did contact the makers of the film to see if there are any other options to procure the film, I’ll be sure to let you know about any other options.

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