The Wheel of the Year – Pravaha Rituals

The Wheel of the Year – Pravaha Rituals 2016-11-22T22:29:04+00:00

These sacred rituals are organised at precise, recurring moments in the year to allow us to synchronise our own rhythm with the pace of live itself. These rituals coincide with the Druid calendar, because it concurs with the motion of the seasons and the stars and it identifies all the key transformational events of the year when profound inner and outer change happens.

Each ritual contains a guided audio meditation, a magical journey that will make you travel along the meanders of your subconscious and the subconscious of the earth. I use the term ritual, instead of meditation, because it indicates a deliberate and conscious act: we put in an effort to align ourselves with life and to integrate the conscious understanding that we are part of this world and this universe. These rituals are also a way to renew our connection to the earth, for different rituals will be connected to different places on this planet and they will hold and transmit the energy of these various places.

A ritual allows us to take the time to reflect back upon the period that is coming to an end and consciously engage a new chapter in our lives, as generations of people have done before us. Taking part in a ritual is a sacred act: you recognise the divine all around you and by attuning to this, you bring yourself closer to the divine within yourself.

The rituals reintroduce cyclical movement in our consciousness and in our lives. Nature transforms and regenerates in cycles along the different seasons, our world and everything that exists evolve in a cyclical manner and it is no different for us. Today we’ve lost this notion and we tend to react and think in a linear fashion. By clinging to linear thought and reality, decline and disintegration become inevitable as we grow older and by focussing our thoughts and actions on reaching certain goals, we’re missing out on a lot of opportunities and limiting our creativity along the way. By reintegrating cyclical thought and organisation, we create depth, we keep expanding and evolving and our lives become multidimensional once again. It’s a way of reintegrating balance and flow in our lives.

The four major turning points of the Wheel of the Year:

Imbolc: the second of February
Beltaine: the first of May
Lughnasadh: The first of August
Samhain: the 31st of October

The four tipping and balance points of the Wheel of the Year:

Ostara : Spring equinox
Litha : Summer solstice
Mabon : Autumn equinox
Yule : Winter solstice