Thought of the Day: Obsolete words

Thought of the Day: Obsolete words

When we evolve, our vocabulary changes with us. I find it interesting to note the words that we recently added to our vocabulary and the words that disappeared. For the words we use to express ourselves tell a great deal about our state of being. Here are two examples of words that are no longer part of my everyday vocabulary, while I used to employ them abundantly in the past:  

1) Never: “I will never do that” “I will never say that”: I noticed that life made it into a game, every time I said “never this” or “never that”, I could be confident that that certain something would materialise in my life. It became like a magical formula to call upon the very thing “I would never do”. I made myself look pretty silly several times because of that in the past 🙂 Today I know that it makes no sense to continue to use that word. 

2) Impossible: Since a couple of years I’m experiencing things that could be considered as being impossible, yet I’m experiencing them. It took me a while, but today I know that nothing is impossible. I already experienced so many things that were impossible to me before, that today I say to myself: everything is possible! I noticed that this way I allow even more amazing things to come into my reality and I’m amazed by all the new things I keep discovering. It’s like Audrey Hepburn said: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible”.

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