Thought of the day: How to deal with criticism

Thought of the day: How to deal with criticism

Are you having a hard time forgetting someone’s opinion or judgment on something you’ve made, on your personality, your life’s choices or your lifestyle in general? It didn’t go down very well and you’re left ruminating about it for days? 

If this is the case, here’s a trick to help you put things into perspective and rapidly move on to more important matters: Think of your life as an artwork. Your life is in fact your masterpiece and the only thing that matters to make your masterpiece into something great is that you allow yourself 100% of artistic freedom and that you don’t hold back in the colours you wish to use to express who you are. 

picassoune_0-600x300Like every work of art, your masterpiece will be seen by others and provoke reactions, because your life also has a public dimension, that confronts you with other people. 

All the reactions of other people are of no importance, they have nothing to do with you and don’t have any influence on your artwork. The opinions of other people will add elements to their own masterpieces, but not to yours.
If you meet people that wish to add a lot of grey and black to their painting, that choice is theirs to make, the only choice YOU have is whether you let their opinions throw you off balance or not.  

Like every artist, you will receive criticism. Like every art piece, or every creation that has existed, that exists and that will exist during the existence of mankind, there will be people who love what you do, there will be people who hate what you do and there will be people that just don’t care at all about your existence.
Just like there are people who find a Picasso painting ugly, or who find Shakespeare “boring”, or who think Egypt is a little overrated. That’s their artistic freedom as well and it doesn’t change in the least the nature of the objects of their discussion. 

Bonus: in the following link you can find an article on some of the best Tripadvisor reviews. It made me laugh VERY HARD and definitely helps put things into perspective 😉 Reviews of world-famous sites

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