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  • 2017: the year in which everything is possible

    2016 was a rock and roll kind of year. It confronted us with many unexpected and surprising experiences and events, some of which were magnificent, some of which might have been hard or difficult for us to go through. Everything that was put on our [...]

  • How to recognise a goddess

    A goddess is conscious and awake She doesn’t act randomly or out of habit, she carefully selects her words, thoughts and actions to reflect her inner world outward. She infuses the smallest part of her existence with consciousness and awareness and cultivates harmony and balance in everything [...]

  • Anna

    The Grandmother of Humanity Anna is the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. Her name “Anna” means “I am” in Arabic and comes from the Hebrew Hanna, which means “grace”. As a person and as a symbol she represents the great matriarch of [...]

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