What does 2016 have in store for us?

What does 2016 have in store for us?

p1130182-600x338The year 2016 promises to be an intense year. We enter a “number 9”- year and this means we collectively enter in resonance with the whole of our karmic cycles. A 9-year brings the opportunity to break some of the vicious cycles that have blocked our evolution in the past and that are still doing so today.

This means that this year is an exceptional window of opportunities to modify the way we function, as individuals and as a society as a whole, on a structural and cellular level. We will be able to harmonise certain destructive and chaotic patterns that apply to the whole of humanity.

Typically, a number 9 year will see a movement of opposing forces: the people that seize the opportunity to make an in-depth change in their life and their way of functioning and the people that are afraid of change or that think they belong to a chaotic pattern and that will do anything to maintain or reinforce chaos in their lives.

We will bear witness this year to many revelations of cases of corruption, abuse and lies on a planetary scale, that will make certain people and organisations fall from their position of power and this will create a feeling of disillusion and sadness for the part of humanity that continues to put its source of hope outside of itself. This push for clarity has already been happening during the last couple of years, but will be reinforced in 2016, because the karmic number nine stimulates the rectification of what is not harmonious.

p1130180-600x249There will be numerous revelations regarding the true history of human kind as well. Since a certain time
now, archaeological and scientific discoveries challenge every belief we had on the history of this planet, the origin of life, the existence of humanity and other life forms and even the way we function and our own potential and encourage us to open our minds and discover the true nature of human kind.

We will need to be flexible and keep an open mind in 2016. Don’t be thrown off balance by these revelations, be aware that life is constantly changing, it always has and always will and the same thing is true for our beliefs. Nothing is meant to stay static or unmoving, so it’s easier to accept change than to fight it.

Number 9 years are also years that encourage feminine energy and the introduction of more feminine principles, because in our current age, this is what the world needs the most to reintroduce harmony and move towards a more balanced situation. The influx of feminine energy is an important key to stimulate harmonisation in the world in 2016. The challenge will be not to mistake “feminine” energy with “women”. People will be inclined to be more trusting towards women and the course of this year will see the rise of many women in positions of power: in politics as well as in industry. Careful: do these women bring the much-needed feminine energy, and by this we mean values of preservation, peace, nourishment, fertility, softness, respect for all that is living, that the world and humanity needs, or do these women allow an already great imbalance to deepen?

Because we live in a world that misinterprets duality and that still functions along old patterns of fight and conflict, we will also see the rise of even more people and organisations that will try to deny women’s rights and will try to prevent women from taking their rightful place in the world.

p1130172-600x235The challenge in 2016 will be not to succumb to feelings of anger or be sucked into movements of hate, nor give in to bitterness or apathy. If you feel resentment towards certain people in power, stop and think that the current state of affairs is the result of the combined efforts of every individual in humanity. You also, in your different incarnations, participated in building what we see today.
The current system has been put into place to allow people to awaken to reality and stimulate them to seize back their own personal power. Everything that is happening today contributes to the emancipation of humanity and helps individuals become responsible for their own lives. Every scandal, every revelation of abuse of power, helps to raise awareness that today there is no more sense in putting your life in the hands of someone else.

At the core, there are no « bad » people, even if they participate in behaviour we can judge as evil. It’s just that we allowed imbalance to exist and perpetuate itself on this planet and we haven’t done enough to balance and harmonise our energies as human beings. The current state of the planet does not stimulate balanced behaviour. The people who abuse their power and position are just individuals that are in the wrong place, they lost their balance and they lost their way. They are not fit to serve as an example and in a way, it’s they that need help the most. They are fragile beings for they seek their power in exterior circumstances : money, power, fame, attention….and they forgot about their inner strength.

The year 2016 urges us to stop putting our hope and power in the hands of others and to seek the source of our strength inside ourselves. There is no government, no person, no organisation and no guru that will be your saviour or the saviour of this planet. You are your own saviour and its only when and if you take back the commands of your own life that you will be able to get out of chaotic patterns and reintroduce harmony at the heart of your life.

p1130168-600x338Change will not come from the people that contribute actively to the current state of chaos in the world (the great majority of politicians, industry that pollutes and destructs this planet and all life willingly, banking cartels…), the change will come from the people that passively participated in the current state of events until now.
It are the people that open their eyes and realise the absurdity of today’s circumstances and that break free from those chaotic paradigms to build a life according to their own values that will trigger the wave of change the world needs.

One day, the ex-powerful of this planet will come knocking on their doors to ask for their help to find the meaning of their life and to find the path to their soul. Have the openness of heart, when that moment comes, to welcome them and help them.

The year 2016 also asks us to create new ways of thinking, broaden our vision and use the potential that lies dormant inside ourselves today to imagine the world differently. Every effort to fight the system or build something sustainable on the ruins of the old paradigms are lost efforts and a waste of energy. Let’s not try to change what has never worked, let’s create new ways of functioning together and imagine the world we want to live in instead of waiting for other people to do it for us.

During the year 2016 we will also need to stay focused on what is essential. This year, like all important karmic years, will see the organisation of plenty of “diversions” that are created to distract you and take your attention away from important matters, like the Olympics and the European football championship. This does not mean you cannot have any distraction, fun is an essential part of life, just not to the point where you forget about your priorities and you forget to realise your dreams.

p1130167-600x338In a nutshell, we will have to use our common sense, the sense of what is good for us and what isn’t, of what is right and what isn’t, of what is harmonious and what isn’t. The common sense we were born with, our intuitive sense, the common sense that tells us no war will bring us peace and no austerity measures will bring abundance. The common sense that comes from inside of us, not from television or from someone who has a personal interest in your adhering to their version of the truth.

The year 2016 will not be an easy year, but a year that offers plenty of opportunities to return your freedom and your inner strength and develop your full potential, if you are ready to accept that the source of your strength lies inside of you, that you are your own saviour and that the solutions will come from yourself.
This may give you the impression of losing your marks, but this is only to make you feel that you have everything you need inside of yourself. This movement of liberation could not exist if humanity were not ready to experience it, even if for many people they are still experiencing this on an unconscious level.  

Having gone through a similar process myself, I can only tell you that yes, it is frightening to let go and trust life and yourself in the beginning, but it is such a precious gift you give to yourself and to the world to feel free, powerful and filled with wonder on a daily basis.
Together with Jean-Baptiste and the Pravaha association we will do everything we can to support you on your path of finding your unique place in the world and broadening your horizons.

With love,


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