Why are you experiencing tinitus?

Why are you experiencing tinitus?

“Tinnitus /ˈtɪnɪtəs/ or /tɪˈnaɪtəs/; from the Latin word tinnītus meaning “ringing” is the perception of sound within the human ear (“ringing of the ears”) when no external sound is present. Despite the origin of the name, “ringing” is only one of many sounds the person may perceive.” – Wikipedia

More and more often I hear people saying that they suffer from tinnitus: I see many posts on the subject on different health- and well-being blogs, there are people asking me questions about the subject and I have several people in my entourage, including myself, that have (had) experiences with tinnitus. Often I detect a certain kind of “panic” in people in search of the cause or discussing the intensity of the ringing. Often these people have gone through several otolaryngologists, who didn’t detect anything out of the ordinary, to great despair of the people suffering from tinnitus, that leave the consultation without answers or remedies and without any hope to be able to solve the “problem”. If you’re not employed as a DJ or you don’t live or work in an environment that could damage your hearing, you don’t have any “logical” reason to suddenly develop tinnitus. And with suddenly I mean from one day to the other. It happens unexpectedly, and the unexpected and unknown frightens us.

Spiritual tinnitus?

There may be a different cause to the ringing in your ears: your spiritual awakening or spiritual evolution. Everything in the universe is vibration and the earth and many beings on this earth are vibrating at ever higher frequencies. These are vibrations that earth or humanity hasn’t reached since a long time and which we’re no longer accustomed to. The ear being an organ that is particularly sensitive to vibration (sound=vibration), it can need a little time to adjust to “hearing” these new vibrations, these new sounds. I’ve been able to detect (at least) 2 different cases of “spiritual” tinnitus in my entourage: Firstly there is tinnitus that manifests when we take a huge step forward in our human evolution and secondly there is tinnitus that is associated with the liberation of the pineal gland.

Tinnitus that manifests at decisive moments in our lives
This can happen consciously or not. Let me explain: There are people who already have a certain spiritual consciousness and who are living through a period of huge transformations: they acquire new perceptions, they learn and integrate new information and they start to evolve at a much more rapid pace than before, they start to comprehend events that happen in the world a lot more quickly, etc. They are making a quantum jump in their evolution as a human being and they begin to access much higher frequencies, which will “upset” their hearing in the beginning. The ringing in the ears can start again every time this person lives through another “big” transformation.
And there are those that live through huge changes in their lives and that are moving closer to their essence in doing so, but that don’t necessarily have any spiritual consciousness. Often this person does no longer agree with the current way of living in our society and deicides to implement changes that will make him/her live a life closer to his/her own values. This person is changing its world view and is evolving towards a more authentic way of living. The simple fact of being more aligned to our inner self makes us more likely to reach higher vibrations, which can cause tinnitus in certain cases.

The second group of people are people that had a completely calcified pineal gland that was suddenly liberated through some powerful event. The pineal gland is the radio antenna of the body: if it’s completely covered with a calcium layer it remains inactive, if it is liberated suddenly, you start receiving a whole bunch of new sounds and information which can cause an overload to your hearing. It’s a bit as if the person who owned the first radio suddenly would be able to tap into all the different channels that exist today: he would be caught off guard as well.
The event in question can take on different forms, but is always an energetically powerful event. For example: Did you participate in a sacred ritual recently? Did you receive a powerful healing session? Did you spend some time in a place that is highly charged with energy (sacred wells, pyramids, megalithic sites..)? etc, etc, etc
The first thing you can do is adapt your diet to facilitate the liberation of the pineal gland and exclude fluoride from your personal diet and personal hygiene (no tap water, organic fluoride-free toothpaste, etc.).

How to get rid of the ringing in your ears?

Here’s the thing: you don’t. Your tinnitus is actually good news: it’s the material manifestation of your personal evolution. There are, however, ways to calm it down. The first thing to do is to accept it, don’t hope, pray or wait for it to leave, but simply welcome it. Your body will then no longer see these new vibrations as an intrusion and will start to adapt to these new frequencies. The ringing in your ears will lose intensity and will diminish as a result.
You can do the following exercice: Get comfortable (in a meditative position, sitting or lying down) and concentrate on the sound you hear in your ears (instead of trying to shut it out). Concentrate on your breathing and start taking deeper breaths. When you feel your body and your inner self are relaxed you can repeat the following words in silence “I welcome and I integrate the sound of the universe.”

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