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The Pravaha Elixirs are aromatic synergies, a blend of various plant- and flower essences. Each one carries a very specific energy that corresponds to one of the chakras or energy centres in our body (physical and etherial) and works hand in hand with the energy of the spiritual guide that inspired the essence to loosen and dissolve the energies that represent obstacles in our life.

The Elixirs offer support in your process of evolution and help you open up the chakras, which function like portals, each of them giving access to different parts of our being and subconscious. Each opening or widening of the chakras will present us with new possibilities, perspectives and awareness in life. This way we learn to see and perceive beyond what seems possible today and reconnect to our own essence so that it can become our compass on the journey of life.

The 9 Pravaha Elixirs

  • ANNA – “Return to Essence”

  • ISIS & OSIRIS – “Back to Balance”

  • HATHOR – “Shine like the Sun”

  • SANANDA – « Unconditional Love  »

  • MARIE – “Word of Honour”

  • HORUS – “Eagle Vision”

  • MERLIN “Wandering Soul”

  • QUAN YIN  – “Eternal Purity”

  • SOURCE “Flow & Abundance”

ANNA – “Return to Essence”

  •  Return to essence: For people who tend to loose theirselves in futile details and that have difficulty defining their priorities. Helps you to centre when you are troubled or in case of irrational fears (hypochondria for example), helps to let go of fear of death and phobias. Beneficial to regain inner calm and serenity if you’re going through a period of great instability or an emotional shock.
  • Increase your vital energy: Improves the blood circulation and helps to regain vital life force in periods when you feel constantly tired or lack energy. Beneficial in periods of great activity or during periods of big transitions and transformations.
  • Accept your incarnation: Transform and let go of the weight of previous incarnations and your ancestry and integrate the karmic information you need to be fully yourself. Beneficial for people that have problems in their family, that need to detach from the burdens of the past or whose family histories are troubled.
  • Rooting: Helps you to feel good in any kind of situation or environment, reconnect to the earth, be fully present and undisturbed all of the time because Anna will help you be firmly anchored. Beneficial to people that tend to float or escape into an imaginary world and that have difficulty dealing with more “earthy” matters or for people that travel a lot.

The grandmother of Humanity

Anna is the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. Her name “Anna” means “I am” in Arabic and comes from the Hebrew Hanna, which means “grace”. As a person and as a symbol she represents the great matriarch of humanity, the foundation of the family, the wise woman that protects and guards her tribe. She represents the grandmother figure that holds an important place in the traditions of many indigenous tribes throughout the world, which means she carries many different names and different faces throughout the different cultures that honour her existence…

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ISIS & OSIRIS – “Back to Balance“

  • Regain inner balance: When you feel unstable or manifest extreme behaviour in certain areas of your life or when you suffer from addictions, dependences or compulsive desires. Beneficial for people that need to balance out an excess in energy in certain areas of life or that lost control over their actions.
  • Harmonise masculine and feminine energy: For each person that feels an excess or a lack of masculine or feminine energy in their lives. These two aspects are present in each of us and we need to be able to access both to live a balanced life.
  • Establish harmony in our relationships: For people that feel an imbalance in their couple: if one person is more dominant, the other person fades into the background or when the two partners are not on the exact same wavelength and when your life as a couple revolves mainly around one of the partners. Beneficial for people that want to live a balanced and harmonious relationship.
  • Harmonise your interactions with men/women: For people that feel uncomfortable reaching out or exchanging with men or women, to regain confidence in the same or opposite sex or when you feel anger, frustration or contempt towards a certain gender. It is essential to be able to move past that to be able to become whole.
  • Experience a healthy sex life: The Isis & Osiris Elixir helps free you from shame and dissolve scruples (as well as unhealthy desires) to be able to meet each other confidently, in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere

The Sacred Couple

The inspiration for this elixir comes from Egypt, from the sacred couple Isis & Osiris. They tell us the story of inner and outer balance: their couple symbolises perfect harmony between spirit (Isis) and matter (Osiris), between masculine and feminine energy, light and heavy, soul and body. 

Their couple represents unity and at the same time, the fact they are two separate beings represents the duality of our world. They show us that each element of existence necessarily has its mirror and its complement. This mirror effect allows us to observe and understand our lives and our reality. We discover reality and we explore different parts of ourselves through the discovery of other or of what is different. They show us the complementarity of the sexes, or of everything that is different and help us see beyond the concept of duality as a world of oppositions. 

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HATHOR – “Shine like the Sun”

  • Be without judgment: Helps treat yourself with kindness and see the beauty within yourself and all around yourself. Beneficial for people who have low self-esteem, who have negative thoughts towards others or who have difficulty seeing the beauty in the world.
  • Develop a solar personality: Offers support to people that want to radiate their inner truth, live authentically and fully express and embody their true selves. Helps reconnect to joy, develop your creativity and take your rightful place in the collective. Beneficial for people that have a “public” personality or that want to get a message across.
  • Heal wounds of the ego: Helps heal an injured sense of self-worth, helps overcome childhood trauma and the fear of rejection, loneliness or the fear of getting hurt. Beneficial for people that have a hard time asserting themselves or assume their values.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Beneficial for people that are transitioning to a new diet or that want to adopt healthier eating habits. Beneficial for people that want to adopt a lifestyle that is more coherent with their hearts and that supports good physical and mental health.
  • Healers or aid-providers: The Elixir helps you stay in your energy field when tending to others and supports you energetically when doing healing work. Beneficial for people that work in health care or that care for others.

SANANDA – « Unconditional Love »

  • Heal wounds of the Heart: For people that have sustained injuries to the heart after romantic or relational disappointments and whose heart has grown hard. We are unable to live fully or open up to romantic encounters or meet new friends when our heart is hurting or when we’re unable to feel empathy for other human beings. Beneficial for people that are recovering from a break-up or a disappointing friendship.
  • Open your heart: For people that have a hard time loving or being loved, trust other people or establish relationships from heart to heart. For people that are following their hearts and that want to consolidate this choice by continuing to expand their heart and open up to new experiences and adventures, without being held back by fear of the unknown.
  • Find your path in life: Anchors your consciousness in your heart, instead of in your head, helps you recognise and follow your inner voice which guides you to your purpose.
  • Make you emotionally independent : If we are emotionally dependent, our relationships will correspond to our wounds and weaknesses, instead of our strengths. The Sananda Elixir helps you take care of yourself and love yourself, before opening you up to unconditional love and helping you discover a love that is free of expectations or attachments, free of jealousy or any need to compare.

MARY – “Word of Honour”

  • Oral expression: Express yourself with assurance and clarity, use the right words, speak publicly with ease, express yourself with confidence in a group setting. Helps dissolve any obstacles of communication such as language barriers. Helps you speak your truth, in all circumstances, in a direct but gentle manner.
  • Express and clarify your emotions: Helps you find the right words to express what you feel in your heart, helps evacuate painful or unbalanced emotions without hurting anyone.
  • Purification: Helps purify and cleanse your etherial and physical body from any blocage that is caused by so-called “negative” emotions such as sadness, anger or rancour (emotions that scar the throat chakra)
  • Open up to universal communication:  A human being is naturally able to feel connected to all that surrounds us and everything that lives on this planet or beyond, as well as communicating with the elements. If we want to evolve, it is essential we reconnect to a larger, more intuitive sense of communication and let all of our senses express themselves.

HORUS – “Eagle Vision”

  • Activate the pineal gland: The pineal gland is a tiny gland in the middle of our brain that is presently inactive or nearly inactive in many people as a consequence of the pollution in our food and our environment, which calcifies this gland. The pineal gland is our antenna: if it is active we can access our intuitive capacities, push our perceptions beyond the five main senses and discover and explore different layers of our reality.
  • See clearly: In a literal and figurative sense, the Elixir helps you develop vision and insight, prevents you from being blinded by illusions or other people’s opinions and clearly distinguish the road ahead which helps you make clear decisions. The “Horus” Elixir allows you to rise above doubt and trouble and have a global assessment of any kind of situation.
  • Be open-minded: Gives you access to new wisdom and information, opens new possibilities, helps innovate and find solutions and inspiration by thinking and feeling outside the box and helps your develop extra-sensory capacities.

MERLIN – “Wandering Soul”

  • Assume your crown: Take back the reins of your own life, assume full responsibility of your own life and actively create the life you dream of and co-create the reality in which you desire to live
  • Listen to your soul: Merlin is the gate-keeper of our spiritual consciousness and our subconscious. If we are prepared to confront all that we are and all that our reality encompasses (see the bad as well as the good), he will guide us and help us reconnect to our soul. We can then start to act in accord to our soul, and our life will expand beyond what we consider possible.
  • Learn Magic: Merlin supports the quest of knowledge of those that are pure of heart and wish to learn more about the mysteries of life, that wish to understand mysterious phenomena and stories and that wish to become magiciens. For everyone that wishes to expand his spiritual and cosmic consciousness.
  • Be lighthearted: The Merlin Elixir is beneficial for people that take themselves, and life in general, too seriously or who have lost their sense of humour. This Elixir will help you wind down and continue life in a joyful manner.

QUAN YIN “Eternal Purity”

  • Be free from attachment: for people that wish to be free from all attachment to material goods and who wish to attach less importance to the events of life. For people who wish to feel lighter physically and energetically.
  • Free yourself from dogma: For people that encounter difficulties in letting go of certain limiting belief systems or that wish to be free of all dogma, conditioning or limiting structures, that want to be able to accept and welcome everything that comes their way.
  • Purity of being: For purity of intention and thought. If you want to be crystal clear in your exchanges with others, interact and support them without wrongly intervening on their path or intentionally influencing them. Beneficial for people that have a hard time forgiving.
  • Master Time: Helps you to live in the present moment and savour every instant, without feeling like life is passing you by or needing to project yourself into the future. Helps to access past life memories and information that is present in other time-spaces.

SOURCE – “Flow & Abundance”

  • Open yourself up to universal consciousness: Helps to reconnect to all that surrounds you, feel that you’re part of the whole, develop cosmic presence and integrate wisdom and information that is present beyond the dimension of earth. Anchors the consciousness of an interconnected and unified reality.
  • Experience abundance and flow: Helps to get closer to your own source and the source of existence. The closer we get to our own source, the more life will flow like a river and become easier, the further away we drift, the harder life becomes and the rockier our path.
  • Open the gates to the celestial realms: Helps to reconnect to divine inside of you, which allows you to reconnect to the divine outside of you.
  • Become a co-creator of reality: When we are conscious of the divine essence that resides inside ourselves, we become conscious of the role we play in this reality and we stop undergoing this reality and start to master it and create it instead.